A Guide to Horsebox Insurance

If you own horses then there’s a good chance that you also have a horsebox.

A horsebox is a special type of vehicle that’s specifically used for transporting horses. When it comes to taking care of your horses, being able to transport them safely is vital, particularly if you attend a lot of shows.

If you do own a horsebox then you need to protect it with a good insurance policy. Below are some of the different types of cover you can get with a horsebox insurance policy as well as advice on where to get quotes.

Types of horsebox insurance

  • Road risks – Road risks works the same way for horseboxes as it does with regular car insurance. You can choose what what level of cover you want to get although you will need to get a third party only policy as a minimum. If you want more protection for your own vehicle then you can get a comprehensive policy.
  • Replacement vehicle – If your horsebox were to be damaged or stolen then having this type of cover would ensure that you would be provided with a replacement vehicle until the situation was resolved.
  • Breakdown assistance – Breakdown assistance is a very useful type of cover for horsebox owners. If you don’t already have breakdown assistance cover then you can get it included in your policy for an additional cost.

Where to get horsebox insurance

When it comes to getting horsebox insurance quotes, the best way to get them is by using an online comparison service. Sites like Clean Green Cars enable you to get horsebox insurance quotes from different providers very easily.

There are a couple of key reasons why getting horsebox insurance from an online comparison service is a good idea. Firstly you can save a lot of money since getting a quotes from a lot of different providers will prevent you from overspending on a policy that you could have gotten cheaper.

Secondly, when getting quotes online, it’s very easy to amend your policy since adding and removing cover options is usually as simple as checking or unchecking a box.