Developing A Better English Vocabulary With Tank Games

Parents, teachers and educators worldwide have long suspected that the use of English-language computer games such as online tank games improves English vocabulary and usage. Recently, improvement has been proven to exist, and its effects have been made apparent.

How Do Online Games Improve English Usage?

The fact that the Internet, in predominantly using the English language, helps non-native speakers develop better English skills is not news. This effect is apparent in any foreign school or community where the heavy Internet users will almost always have better spoken and written English skills than their peers.

The surprising factor, however, is that these benefits are also evident in native English speakers as well. Children who play tank games online or who interact with any other type of online gaming platform tend to have much better English skills than their peers at all levels.

There are a few reasons for this, as outlined below:
• Storyline Integration – When engaging in mission-based video games where the player must follow certain orders that have been communicated to them, they develop a much more nuanced approach to their interpretation of the language used.

Since failure to understand and observe the mission guidelines or game rules results in having to perform the mission over again, the player is educated, by trial and error, to understand the entire objective the first time around.

• Online Interaction – The primary method of communication with the rest of the gaming world is through text, in forums and chat rooms. Because of this, users and players of tank games will quickly be introduced to heavy and highly nuanced English usage.

The existence of the popularly termed, “Grammar Nazi” also helps develop greater English proficiency. In any particular online community, there is usually a person or group of people who take it on themselves, as a show of authority, to correct the grammar and spelling of everyone else they interact with.

These players are almost universally despised by their teammates and opponents, but their contributions to helping them develop their English skills cannot be ignored. Even though it is rude to correct poor English usage, especially for non-native speakers, it is the only way for improvement to occur.

The Difference Between English At School And English Online

Of particular importance is the fact that spoken and written English online, such as would be encountered in tank games, is very different than the English taught at school. Through interacting with people around the world, players learn numerous colloquial terms that would never be covered in a standard English course, but that are, nonetheless, used consistently in conversation.

This has the effect of providing a tangible reward to better English usage and inspires kids to develop large vocabularies. Similar effects have been found in other scholastic fields as well, the most common being history.

The most important thing to understand about this is the fact that a game does not have to be deliberately educational in order to educate. Historical tank games in English can offer as much to a child’s interest in those subjects as a good work of fiction.